Not For Discussion: Visual Representation

Not For Discussion is a memoir of growth and my journey through the Australian music scene, the struggles with searching for acceptance, overcoming adversity and rejection, finding confidence, my voice and myself through music and friendships with amazing talented musicians in the same position as me. These visuals are a representation of my Confidence Persona and a motivation to continue on this journey.


Closer shares confessions of love, lust and passion, a one sided woeful tale of unresolved emotions. The hook is imbedded with moments of hope despite the spirals of uncertainty and pleading cries within the verses. A tale of connection viewed in two perspectives. The feelings of safety  yet despair is intensified gradually by the introductions of drums, guitar and keys. The unexpected switch up of tempo and production in the bridge/outro pulls the audience into an otherworldly dimension, immersing you in the strong emotions of uncertainty, love and all things one might feel in an imperfect realtionship. Overall this track takes you on the rollercoaster of love; showcasing the highest of highs and lowest of lows. 

Sicilian born R&B artist based in Sydney, Australia.